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We handle voice & phone systems
so you can scale and automate your business.
Within any successful business communication and collaboration play a key role is successful operations both internal and external whether that be through online chat, email, text messages, online meetings, or phone calls. HANDL Technology offers an affordable voice solution to keep all of your employees connected with a business class phone system to cover businesses of any size whether it be a single employee or a large organization spanning across state lines.
Cloud Or Self Hosted
Our solutions allow for simple and fast deployment without costly infrastructure. 
Keep Your Existing Number 
Keep your existing number with D.I.D. portability allowing you to have a seamless transition to our scalable solution.
Local & Toll Free Numbers
Keep a local presence for your customers in any market or create a unified calling system with our toll free number options.
We provide a comprehensive selection of hardware that fits your budget and requirements so that you can get the most out of your phone system.
Features And Automation
Time of day, Call Tree, Location based routing for clients that have multiple locations, On hold music and messages, Call queue integration, Softphone solutions. 
Paying for what you need when you need it. Our voice solutions give you the flexibility as your business grows, so do our solutions. 


The biggest advantage of VoIP is that your business will save costs and have scalable solutions. VoIP takes efficiency to a whole new level. With 99.999% uptime and tons of automation, you'll love your new phone system.
We can handle everything your business