Microsoft 365

Collaboration & Productivity Suite

Microsoft 365 Overview

Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) is a compressive suite of business tools enabling communication, collaboration, productivity & automation throughout your business operations. Offering email, online meetings, cloud file storage, and a host of security features Microsoft 365 truly is a single solution to help streamline operations helping to build revenue. HANDL Technology provides licensing, installation & maintenance for all Microsoft 365 solutions many of which are included with our Managed IT services at no additional cost.
Microsoft Office 365
Standard productivity suite for creating digital documents & presentations. These applications are available as traditional desktop applications or online (web-based) applications providing the greatest amount of flexibility amongst workspace.
Azure Active Directory
Azure AD helps protect organizations from cyber threats with technology like Single Sign-On simplifying the way users access applications, Multi-Factor Authentication ensuring the integrity of your accounts, and Identity Governance which controls when, where & how users are accessing your applications.
Microsoft Teams
Teams in a fully featured online collaboration platform enabling online meetings, audio & video conferences, group file editing, screen sharing, instant messaging, and much more! This product helps bring employees closer together while also help facilitate remote workers by helping everyone feel connected and in touch.
Microsoft Bookings enables you to publish a schedule to a blog or website where customers can self schedule time to meet with staff. This solution with automatically place appointments on employees calendars, send meeting reminders, and coordinate with your customers making it more convenient for them to obtain the services they need.
Integrated Solution Licensing
Included with many of the Microsoft 365 plans is licensing for other Microsoft products Including Windows, Dynamics, Visio, Project, Power BI and more! Having all of the solutions bundled into a single license helps consolidate cost, reduce overhead, and ensure you have all of the technology your business needs in a single product.
Device Portability
Included with most Microsoft 365 plans is a license for every user to install all of their software on up to 5 different devices, including personal systems. This flexibility enables users to have access to their work not only while in the office but from their mobile phone, laptop, iPad, and home computer at no additional charge.


The biggest advantage of Microsoft 365 is having all of your Microsoft solutions rolled up into a single licensed product made available to all of your employees without the need to maintain dozens of agreements or different software products.
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